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Moving expert Sharon Bregman and Financial Advisor Karen Altfest, CFP®, PhD discuss how to face the challenges of big moves.
During this interview, we discussed the hurdles that an adult child faces when downsizing their senior parent[s].


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I worked with Sharon Bregman and her associates to empty my parent’s almost completely full 14,000 square foot building in Brooklyn last year. Sharon’s help was invaluable. We had to catalogue/photograph/measure and pack well over 500 pieces of art as well as walls of books, dishes, furniture, and innumerable other items that were being split between myself and my siblings. Sharon was able to help with the sorting, cataloguing, moving, and also dispersing of items that were being sent to charity and the garbage. In addition, Sharon was able to help me with various other resources that were randomly needed throughout the move. Thanks to her efforts we have a comprehensive, clear knowledge of what items exist, where they are, and all are properly tagged and labelled. This has helped my mother tremendously in her ability to move forward after leaving her home of so many years. 

Many thanks,


Sharon’s knowledge, support, and advice “Knows no Boundaries.” Living in Canada and being appointed as an Executor for a family member from Manhattan, New York, was a daunting task. Legal issues made it even more difficult. Thankfully a neighbor introduced me to Sharon who stood by me, supporting me throughout the period of almost a year. Once able, Sharon moved in with her contacts and arranged for the sale of the more valuable items. Thereafter, Sharon introduced me to an equally wonderful team of people, who removed the remains of the apartment, including the trash, and left it “broom clean” for the landlord.

I am forever grateful to her for everything she did. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and helpful and I would not hesitate in referring her. This is a service at its best.

Thanks, Sharon.

– Martin Romain, Toronto, Canada

Thanks to Sharon Bregman of 360démenager who turned an overwhelming task – that of selling my decorative furnishings – into a manageable and stress-free experience for me. From our first phone call, I sensed that Sharon would be fully capable of getting this done. We put together a detailed inventory with photographs which she submitted to dealers and made appointments for them to visit my home. She was present and personally supervised everything. Additionally, she was always available by phone or email (which I greatly appreciated) and was the epitome of efficiency throughout this process. I could not have gotten through this without her.

Thank you again, Sharon.

- Nancy, New York City

Where do I begin with the plaudits due Sharon Bregman and her 360demenager company?

My sister and I were dreading emptying the home of our Mom who had recently passed.  All we could see was a quagmire of emotionally, organizationally, and physically taxing projects.

Then our estate attorney referred us to Sharon, and we could breathe again!

Sharon took care of it all, asking us for input where warranted, and tapping into her network of trusty contacts.  Various items were trucked to members of the family; all arrived on schedule and intact.  Other items were donated or sold at a fair price.  As part of her process, Sharon took exquisite photos of the items for sale.  When I told her how moved I was by the photos—they elicited so many memories—Sharon offered to store them on a thumb drive and send it to me; offer accepted!  Sharon also arranged for a large-scale cleanout of the remaining contents of the home.  All of this was accomplished seamlessly, in accordance with our tight time schedule.

Most impressive were Sharon’s organizational skills; her ability to collaborate with others and coordinate multiple tasks; her daily updates re her progress; her obvious experience and high-quality contacts; her professionalism and her heart (last but not least!).

You can’t go wrong with Sharon.  Simple as that.

- Shelley Roisen, NYC/Pittsburgh

Sharon Bregman was recommended to us by a friend who used her services for an estate in New York City. Our house in Short Hills, New Jersey was large, full of furniture and a spectacular collection of beautiful paintings, porcelains, sculptures and other “objets d’art”. She assumed full responsibility for selling the collection and removing all remaining furniture and miscellaneous items from the house before it was sold. Her personal knowledge of this incredible collection was indeed impressive.
Part of her service is taking pictures of all the objects for sale which are viewed by invitation only, on a private internet site. Sharon took an incredible 700 detailed photos for this purpose.

In addition, it was necessary to have a number of the paintings appraised which was accomplished by her recommendation of a highly regarded appraiser in New York. Finally, she secured the services of a waste removal company for the removal of all the furniture and items in the house that were neither donatable nor saleable. Once again, her experience and professionalism came through.

This was a very difficult assignment which was handled perfectly. In every respect, we give her our very highest recommendation.

- Lee Brenner and Ed Becker

I had the good fortune to engage the excellent, exceptional, extraordinary services of Sharon Bregman (360 Demenager LLC) to handle the liquidation of the estate of my mother and father, their possessions and the contents of their home. As promised, Sharon and her colleagues and contractors professionally took care of every facet of the project, without my needing to participate or be concerned with any aspect of the liquidation. At the same time, I was kept informed and afforded every opportunity to request accommodation, from scheduling, to the selection (with requested adjustments) of items to be kept, to facilitating and making donations, to the sale of the home’s contents, to all arrangements for the packing of all manner of possessions and their timely delivery to multiple destinations (with multiple requirements and arrangements for deliveries), to the complete removal of everything to be discarded, to presenting me with my parents’ house completely prepared for marketing.  I literally could not have asked or hoped for more complete or better service in any way than that provided by Sharon.  Yes, I was pleased to have hired her.  And did I mention that it was an absolute pleasure to make Sharon’s acquaintance and work with her throughout?
- Stephen Brett Spector, Brooklyn, NY

When my sister and I sold our parents’ apartment we didn’t know how we would ever survive cleaning out 27 years of accumulation, both valuable and garbage-worthy. Sharon Bregman came to our rescue and orchestrated the entire job brilliantly! She is amazingly organized and has the clean-out/move-out process down to a science. Once we selected the items we wanted to keep, Sharon took over. She sorted and photographed the items for sale, conducted their sale with antique and art dealers, made all of the arrangements for pick-up, arranged the delivery of the items we were keeping and had the remaining trash removed from the apartment. Sharon made a seemingly impossible task stress-free and she did it all in an extremely timely manner.
- Jane Z, NY

I’m off to my new Florida life at 9:30 am tomorrow. Thank you for orchestrating my ‘escape’. I would not have attempted the task without you at the helm. I can walk out of my full home knowing that you will take care of every minute detail.
You have assisted me successfully in past moves with efficiency, grace and ease. Bravo!I’m am a happy return customer. Your skills are remarkably fine tuned to the task at hand. You are wise in surrounding yourself with assistants and associated vendors that are prompt , honest and reliable.
Thank you,
- Adrienne Feinbloom, NJ to FL

It gives me great pleasure to highly recommend SHARON BREGMAN as a moving coordinator and facilitator.

I first benefited from her services when having been recommended by an estate attorney, she arranged the clearing and sale of the contents of a home I inherited from an elderly relative. Sharon handled everything quickly and efficiently so that the home was ready for sale in a minimal amount of time.

Less than a year later, when I sold my own home and prepared to move to another state, I immediately engaged Sharon to coordinate the move. There is no question in my mind that I could not have accomplished this task without her. I was moving from a large house I had lived in for fifty-two years, and I had an enormous amount of furniture, books and personal effects that I was now moving to an apartment.

Sharon not only facilitated all the physical aspects of the move, including recommending an excellent mover, but more importantly, laid out a step by step plan for me to follow beginning two months before the moving date, so that the job seemed less daunting and more manageable. She provided vital information, suggestions, encouragement and yes, friendship, at a time that could have been overwhelming and stressful. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and vigilance took a huge weight off my shoulders and allowed me to concentrate on my personal affairs.

Because my adult children did not live close by, I could have felt very alone during this process, but with Sharon’s help that was never the case. I cannot imagine having gone through this without her. Even now, several months after the move, we have been in contact, and she continues her support with great suggestions about arranging my new home more efficiently.

I don’t think any move is ever simple or easy, but with Sharon Bregman’s help I learned that it’s possible to have a sane, efficient and manageable one. I do not hesitate to recommend her unconditionally.


- Roberta Kozinn Brookline, MA

We retained Sharon Bregman of 360demenager to coordinate and supervise our multi destination move. She turned a difficult undertaking into such a positive and pleasant experience for us and eliminated all of our stress. Sharon is the consummate professional – highly organized and experienced with the ability to get the job done smoothly and efficiently. We heartily recommend Sharon and Demenager for your moving project.
- Lydia and Stu Gordon, New York, New York

Dear Sharon,

Murray and I want to express our gratitude to you for making our move much easier and our settling into our Boca home so smooth. Your organization of all our possessions, the book which we continue to consult, your overseeing the packers and moving men all contributed to a very calm and seamless move. Thank you for your expertise, your advice and your help.

- Basheva

Dear Sharon,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the fabulous job you did at Mr. Marks’ home in Princeton, N.J.

Everything, from the original proposal, to the conclusion, was handled in a most professional manner. Not only was the job completed timely and efficiently, you made sure that no detail was left undone.

What impressed me the most, was that you kept in constant touch, either by email or telephone, and that you always answered the phone.

It was a pleasure working with you.

- Ron

Sharon Bregman made our move possible. Selling a second home three hours away while caring for a young child seemed fraught with complications — until she applied her experience, skill and calming demeanor to make it, literally, easy. Our belongings were packed with care and then stored or sent to our primary residence. Reminders and advice regarding all the details of vacating our house proved invaluable and made the experience truly positive. I cannot recommend Sharon’s services highly enough and would use them again in a heartbeat.
- C. Costello, New York, NY

Sharon Bregman is a true professional. She turned what was one of the most difficult challenges of my life into a well planned and orchestrated transition that greatly minimized my stress and allowed me to accomplish what I needed to during a difficult period. She helped me to empty and dispose of all kinds of items that had accumulated over 50 years at a large estate with multiple buildings and house. Her contacts and amazing relationships with dealers turned valuable items into cash which I never could have done without her help.

Sharon’s expert guidance allowed me to focus on what was important and keep my business going at a time of great change and stress. Sharon’s knowledge, advice, and contacts helped me make this transition and I am forever grateful to her and her group.

- Phyllis Patrick, Purchase, NY

I had lost both my father and my mother within 9 months and was overwhelmed by how much needed to be done. Anxious and uncertain, I called Sharon.

Within ten minutes of telephone time, I felt as if I’d known Sharon for years. She was kind, but business-like. She sized up the situation immediately. Then she let me vent. I asked her many questions. She never made me feel like I was wasting her time.

Sharon did not see this as an assignment that she needed to be hired to do but she did offer to help me navigate the process myself. By the end of the conversation, we had a plan in place. She did stop by to size up the situation pro bono to walk me through the process.

Sharon was very accessible and she helped me negotiate my way through every aspect of emptying my parent’s home. She is extremely bright, savvy, well connected, and wastes no time making sure you are not making a silly or costly decision as it relates to your estate, your home, or your memories.

I recommend Sharon Bregman highly. She made what could have been a heart-wrenching process, virtually painless.

- Deborah Breslow, Wyckoff, NJ

Sharon turned what would have been a nightmare for me into a thoroughly painless experience. I recently placed my mother into an assisted living facility on Staten Island and faced the task of disposing of the contents of her two-bedroom apartment (in which every possible nook and cranny was filled with “stuff”). Further complicating the challenge was the fact that I live in New Hampshire, 250 miles away, run my own business, and loathe spending time in New York.

We met at my mother’s apartment, Sharon looked around, explained how she worked, then told me to relax. She would take care of everything. And that’s exactly what she did! Within a month, those items having value had been sold or auctioned, everything donatable had been picked up, and all the remaining “junk” disposed of, leaving me with a completely empty apartment ready for sale. Throughout the process, Sharon kept me constantly updated via phone, email and photos, providing documentation of every step. When an issue arose concerning obtaining a certificate of insurance from the building management, she immediately took the problem off my hands and resolved it. And best of all, I never had to set foot in New York after our initial meeting!

Sharon is a true professional, not to mention a pleasure to work with. She is one of those rare individuals who do exactly what they say they’re going to do. I cannot recommend her more highly.

- David W. Wood, Deering, N.H.

Dear Sharon,

Steve and send our heartfelt thanks for helping us with a very complicated move. My husband and I both were working. We were moving out of a large apartment in which we had lived for more than thirty years. We were moving into a hotel temporarily while our new and smaller apartment was being renovated. Our clothing, furniture and furnishings were going in five directions – storage, our two children’s homes, the hotel and our vacation house. Other items were going out to be refinished, reupholstered and reframed. Still, other items – some not so valuable furniture and some more valuable art – were to be sold.

You facilitated and coordinated all of this calmly and flawlessly and we thank you. You found us a fabulous decorator, a careful and honest mover, a junk removal company that left our old apartment broom clean and an art dealer who purchased art we did not want to keep.

Six months after coordinating the very complex move out you moved us into our new apartment and handed us a book you created that clearly showed us where, in the boxes you carefully coded on the day we moved out of our old apartment, we could instantly locate what we wanted to unpack first, second and third. Your assistant unpacked boxes with essential items and made our bed – a not so little thing after a long day.

Again many thanks.

- Susan & Steve Bloom, NYC, NY

As Power of Attorney for my stepmother’s estate, I was faced with the overwhelming job of closing down her life, her home etc. After interviewing other companies, I was introduced to Sharon and 360 Demenager and knew that I found the perfect woman! From the moment we met, I felt that the huge responsibility had been lifted off my shoulders and that I was in fabulous hands.

Sharon perfectly organized the process and offered her invaluable knowledge and advice for each step. She was present the entire time up to the very last minute of the apartment being emptied. She updated me as each process was completed via email and phone. Her expertise, professionalism, organizational skills, patience, compassion and best of all, her humor allowed me to work through the emotionally difficult situation.

I would never have known half of what I needed to do and the records I needed to keep. Sharon guided me up to the last day. She even sent me photos of the empty apartment for my files.

Sharon, I cannot thank you enough for taking over this job for me! I am the most fortunate woman to have met you and will recommend you ALWAYS to anyone that needs your services! You were my angel at a time that I really needed someone!!!

Thank you again for all your hard work!!!

- Susan Bartholomew, New York, NY.

Dear Sharon,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent job you did. My duties as the Executor included emptying the contents of the apartment and surrendering it to the management. This was quite complicated since it contained items of value which had to be appraised and sold (if possible), papers which had to be boxed and shipped to the attorney for the estate, a new hospital bed which needed to be donated (if possible) and other furnishings which had to be removed. The apartment had to be emptied and cleaned for surrender to the management. It was inconvenient for me since I reside in New Jersey and the apartment was located on the east side of Manhattan; and difficult since I had no experience doing this.

It was a great relief meeting with you at the apartment and knowing that you would take care of everything. I also appreciated your emails and phone calls keeping me informed of the progress, and getting my approval before accepting an offer or engaging a trash company. I only had to make two personal trips to the apartment, the first at the beginning to meet with you and learn what had to be done, and the last after the job was done, to inspect the empty apartment and turn the keys over to the management. You did all the rest expeditiously and efficiently. It was a pleasure working with you.

Feel free to give my name to any prospective clients who ask for a reference. I was very pleased with your services and would be glad to provide any recommendation you might need in the future.

- Stephen B. Sobel - Cedar Grove, NJ

After six years in storage while we lived abroad, we decided it was time to rid ourselves of our container in storage in New Jersey. Countless calls, e-mails and pleas over many months were futile; no one would help us sell and/or dispose of these items and our location in Asia made it impossible for us to do it ourselves. Thank goodness Sharon was recommended and agreed to take us on. Within two weeks, everything was assessed, moved, donated and the rest poised to be sold.

We are amazed at the speed and care that was taken to ensure personal items were sent to family members and sensitive documents retrieved and housed.

- Tomas and Adrienne Urbanec - Singapore

“I didn’t think I needed anyone to help me with my move. However, I am so grateful a friend introduced me to Sharon Bregman. Sharon’s organizational skills, contacts and know-how helped me breeze through what was potentially a nightmare situation … leaving my home of 22 years for a smaller apartment. We had furniture going to relatives in five different locations throughout the country. Sharon got me through the upheaval of parting with years of sentimental clutter and helped me sell the rest. She made a complicated and emotional move easy and painless.”
- MF - New York, NY

“Although I have known Sharon for the past 5 years, I first engaged her to provide services for one of my clients just last year. Sharon’s professionalism, expertise, honesty, integrity and level of personal attention is without question, the best there is. When I find the need to bring other professionals in to provide services to my clients, I need to know that they will work with my client in the same way that I would, paying attention to every detail, being responsive, being cost effective, and providing feedback. Sharon is all that and more. She excels at her work, and she is a joy to know. It is my honor to wholeheartedly endorse Sharon for any and all estate dispositions and household moves for everyone and their clients.”
- Michael Markiewicz, CPA, CFP, MBA/MS – New York, NY

Dear Sharon,
This is just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you and how much I valued your professionalism in assisting me with this estate. Needless to say, I will keep you in mind whenever a similar assignment arises.
- Richard Marlin, Esq. – New York, NY

We could not have gotten through the move from New Canaan, CT without you! Wine movers and storage. Fine arts packing, moving and storage. White glove furniture moving and storage. Shredding companies for old files. Junk haulers to clean out the house. Fine carpet cleaners. All this and it only scratches the surface. Your knowledge of who to call, how things should be done, and then your oversight of the process and attention to detail blew us away.

Thank you for all of your help. When we first called you to help us move after 20 years in the same house, we thought your services would be a luxury. Now we know they are a necessity.”

- Robin Grossman, Greenwich, CT

“I must tell you that your attention to detail, keeping me informed and genuine concern and care (in emptying my late father’s apartment) was so appreciated. My residing in Arizona and the apartment being in New York was complicated, yet once you took charge, I knew the outcome would be positive.

I would not hesitate recommending you and your outstanding service to anyone.”

- Jim Whitney, Fountain Hills, AZ

“Sharon Bregman is a thorough, no nonsense, honest professional. I know this first hand as she moved me from a large ten room house (loaded with all manner of collectables, art, antiques and a wine cellar) to a three room apartment. I could not have done this without her help.

She is extremely knowledgeable about antiques, art, oriental rugs and silver. Above all she is HONEST: There are no hidden commissions or fees. She is 100 percent trustworthy.”

- Harvey Reisman, a young 88-year old, Maplewood, NJ

“Dear Sharon,
Once again, thanks so much for all your help and support in the job of emptying my Grandmother’s apartment. It was an overwhelming task for me, from both an emotional and practical point of view. I truly appreciated your sensitive guidance, your candor, and your professionalism. We were very happy with the price you were able to get for my Grandmother’s collectibles. And, ultimately, your perspective really helped us through the process. All six cousins ended up very pleased with the results.
All my best…”
- Pamela Koffler, New York, NY

“Finding Sharon Bregman and her firm, 360demenager, was a real
break through for me. I met her while acting as executor for the estate of a late friend. As I am not a professional executor, this was an opportunity for me to find out what I needed to know not only for the estate but also for myself: how to sell valuable paintings and antiques without wallowing in a sea of ignorance, selling them for next to nothing or giving them away.

Sharon demonstrated that there is a way. She impressed me greatly not
only with her expertise concerning art, but with her ability to persuade knowledgeable dealers to come to your house, look at your possessions, evaluate their interest and, ultimately, make a fair offer. Though I had experience in buying and selling at auctions and buying from dealers, it was only as a collector and not as an owner trying to dispose fairly and profitably of a large group of possessions. I would not have succeeded without Sharon.”

- William E. Harkins, Professor Emeritus, Columbia University

“I would like to thank you for all of your help in the move of our parents from New Jersey to Florida. This was a very difficult task since our parents were in their house for more than 45 years and our mother is in poor health. You worked very well with our family to handle every detail of this transition which included selection of the personal possessions to move and which to offer for sale. You also selected a mover, arranged for an estate sale, selected a trash hauler to clean out the home and finally arranged for a crew to get the house cleaned and ready for the real estate market. This entire process was completed is a very timely way.

We found you and the professional companies that you selected to be very caring, efficient, hard working, honest and fair. Our experience was very positive and we would recommend you to others. You made this difficult job for our family flow smoothly and seamlessly.“

- Stuart and Donna Ganslaw, Delray Beach, FL

“Sharon Bregman is the most efficient, well organized professional I had the pleasure of doing business with during a stressful time of handling the guardianship for my aunts’ estate from out of state.

Sharon was referred to me on a Friday, scheduled a meeting at the property on Saturday, established the parameters of the job and clarified expectations. By Monday, I received an email contract. She utilized skilled and trusted subcontractors in estates sales, cleaning and garbage collection and orchestrated it perfectly. In three weeks the house was ready for an open house!“

- Carol Trawick, Bethesda, MD

“I’m a 79 year old divorced professional who lived in a two bedroom apartment in New Jersey. I retired and decided to move to Nevada. I wanted to drive there so I could visit my children and see places I always wanted to see. But what was I going to do with all my clothes, furniture, books, paintings, sculptures, trophies, diplomas, tax returns, lecture notes, etc. – over fifty years of collection.
I Googled move consultant and luckily found Sharon. I interviewed her, checked references, signed her agreement and put down a deposit.

Sharon guided me in dividing my stuff into garbage, sell, give away and keep. She provided me with a to-do list as well as names and phone numbers. We met with a moving man and set the moveout date.

I left a week before the movers came. Sharon supervised the move out followed by a cleaning crew that brought the apartment into broom swept condition. The next day she turned the apartment over to the landlord, a difficult individual, and obtained every penny of my security. A remarkable feat bordering on miraculous. And this was done with me 1500 miles away.
I definitely recommend Sharon Bregman.“

- Dr. L. Liebster, Las Vegas, NV

“In May 2007, I found myself faced with a major household move that had to be completed within one week. Taking the enormity of the move into consideration, my assistant suggested that we needed help. Fortunately, she had heard of a company ‘360 Demenager’ and contacted them. Sharon Bregman, owner of the company, responded immediately, looked over the situation, and told us not to worry.

Sharon immediately handed us a detailed 5 page list of every conceivable person, provider, agency etc to contact and notify. Then she started to photograph, catalogue and oversee the packing of our art collection as well as the rest of the home’s contents. She made inventory lists, numbered boxes in her unique fashion and kept the job moving along at a very fast pace to meet our deadline.

Sharon was there to oversee that everything was properly loaded onto the moving van and that the empty house was clean, everything was turned off and the doors and windows were locked. The next morning she appeared to make sure that every box and piece of furniture was in its proper location.

A few days after the move, I needed a specific painting and did not know if I could find it in the multitude of boxes. But with Sharon’s accurate numbering system and list, we located the proper box in less than two minutes. I never knew that such a service existed. Without her positive attitude and know how, this move would never have been as organized and stress free.”

- Robert R., Tenafly, NJ

“I am an Executor for an estate and used the services of 360 Demenager to empty the apartment of the deceased.

It was a pleasure working with Sharon. She is very professional, efficient, organized, knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. She communicated with me at all times and let me know what was exactly going on and what the costs would be. She sorted and sifted through the contents, found valuables, sold what could be sold, hired the outside services that we needed and delivered a clean empty apartment on time as promised.

I could not have executed my duties as the Executor without her expertise. I recommend her highly.”

- Adina Weinstein, NJ

“After sorting through my parents’ possessions and years of accumulation, I needed help disposing of what remained. That’s when Sharon came to my rescue. She masterfully coordinated the packing up and shipping to Illinois part, as well as the sale, donation or disposal of paintings, furniture, medical equipment and hundreds of books. Her meticulous attention to detail and her concern for my well-being were a godsend. I couldn’t have done it in as short a time period, or as well, without her. Quite frankly, she kept me sane!”
-Barbara Lyding, Champaign,IL

“I hate change. I lived in the same apartment for 22 years and I had not thrown anything out. I have also been in the fashion business for 26 years, accumulating a lot of stuff along the way. I was moving and I needed help.

Sharon assessed my apartment, which was full of clutter, a few weeks prior to move day. She said, “No problem; this is easy.” I looked at her in disbelief. Keep or toss decision-making was totally foreign to me. I waited until the last possible minute, pre-packing day with Sharon, to take action. On packing day, she arrived and before I knew it, everything was in numbered boxes. Painless!

The next day, my new home was a maze of boxes. Sharon arrived and said, “Just go to work.” That evening I walked around my apartment in a pleasant state of shock. My sweaters (dozens and dozens of every color imaginable) were neatly stacked, my suits arranged by color and season, my hoodies separated and arranged by zip-up or pullover type. A miracle!

Then I asked Sharon to do my kitchen and in one day it was done! Bravo, Sharon!”

- Lesley Zwick, New York, NY

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in closing my aunt’s apartment. Your knowledge and sensitivity were invaluable to me. You took a task which seemeed to be beyond my doing and made it easy. By your working alongside, we were able to have the apartment ready for sale in three days. Unbelievable!”
- Herb Orlan, Gaylordsville, CT

“Thank you for your extraordinary effort in organizing, removing and selling my mother’s lifetime collection of belongings. The professional and efficient way you handled every step made it easier for us to cope with the closing of her home and saying goodbye to many childhood memories. You delivered as promised. But most of all, thank you for your care and kindness during this difficult time.”
- Stephen M., Canada

“We would like to thank you for all your help. We were faced with a very difficult situation and your efforts made the process much less stressful. You not only handled the task at hand very efficiently and professionally, but you also made some valuable suggestions.”
- O. Gibson, IL

“We would like to thank you for all your help. We were faced with a very difficult situation and your efforts made the process much less stressful. You not only handled the task at hand very efficiently and professionally, but you also made some valuable suggestions.”
- O. Gibson, IL


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