Estate Administration/Estate Disposition Experts

The Most Thankless Job!

Emptying the estate of a loved one can become a challenge unlike any other. Bringing Déménager in can give you and your family peace of mind as you sort through other matters, both emotional and financial. We will make sure that the personal effects of a life well lived are delivered, stored, sorted, sold, auctioned, donated or disposed of in both a timely and efficient manner.

Déménager – Residential Estate Disposition & Breakdown Coordination

Déménager will be your hands on major domo organizing, inventorying, and overseeing the efficient emptying of the home(s). We take pride in offering a comprehensive service that can address every aspect of the disposition of the residential contents of an estate. We are not liquidators or a clean-out company.

We have the sensitivity and objectivity to ensure that all wishes are carried out while still recovering as much as possible for the beneficiaries and the estate. To further ensure this objectivity, Déménager is not affiliated with any appraisers, dealers, buyers, auction houses, cleaning services, contractors or waste removal companies.

We work for you and only you.

Eight Steps to Efficiently Empty Estate Residence(s)

Déménager allows you to delegate many of the most challenging aspects involved in emptying and closing the residential portion of an estate. Considering the emotions involved, closing the homes of those you love will never be pleasant, but with Déménager acting as your estate administration/estate emptying expert, it can be easier.

Déménager has divided the process of emptying the residence(s) into eight steps.  Each is designed to ensure that nothing is overlooked and that all possible assets and memorabilia are handled appropriately. Our goal is to provide a prompt and trouble-free breakdown of the estate’s residence(s) while maximizing dollars out to the estate and the beneficiaries.


Step 1 – Gaining a Handle, Gaining hope


During this initial meeting and walk through with the executor or the trustee, Déménager will discuss:

bullet2 if the contents have been appraised and will refer several independent appraisers if needed;

bullet2 what the specific bequests are and if the will stipulates what is to be done beyond the bequests;

bullet2 if there are documents of any nature that the trusted advisors need; and

bullet2 if there are memorabilia items that certain family members and friends would like.


Step 2 – Orchestrating Resources, Organizing Results


At Déménager, we believe in a multi-pronged approach to lining up a moving company, a trash removal company, cleaning and repairing companies as they would all need to visit and prepare estimates and dates would need to be booked. This step runs concurrent with


Step 3 – Reducing Clutter to Maximize Return


Déménager will dispose of items no one wants and that charities will not take. We will conduct a room–by-room removal of items that can go into contractor bags such as open foodstuffs, toiletries, worn or soiled linens and clothing, broken items etc.

We bring all drugs to a legal drop box at a police station and unopened, non-expired food is taken to a food bank. Important documents are set aside along with other items specified in step 1.

During this step, Déménager will bring in the mover and any trades people that are needed to make minor repairs. We will also make appointments to have durable medical equipment picked up if there is a need.


Step 4 – Documenting Remaining Contents


Déménager has now unearthed all hidden treasures and has disposed of all extraneous clutter. Bequests have been shipped out and everything remaining has some value. We will inventory the remaining contents and divide the contents into levels of value (individual items and groups of items).


Step 5 – Working With Buyers and Specialists


Déménager has the ability to sell very high end art, silver, antiques, cars and jewelry as well as fine and decorative furnishings of a lesser value. Our objective at this point of the process is to sell as many of the remaining possessions as possible for the best possible prices. The approach we take is discussed with the executor, price ranges are determined and various buyers/dealers, auction houses are screened and invited. We supervise the buyers at all times as well as the removal of the merchandise purchased. All proceeds are for the estate.


Step 6 – Donations That Serve the Community and the Estate


Déménager will oversee the donations of the non-saleable items if any remain. We will supervise the pickups and make sure the charities provide receipts.


Step 7 – Removing What Remains


Déménager will schedule the final trash removal to dispose of any remaining items. Déménager will be onsite to supervise the removal and the final sweep. We will confirm the volume of trash removed and take pictures of the empty home.


Step 8 – Putting the Best Face Forward


At this, the final step, Déménager will have the home cleaned and if the estate requires painting, floor refinishing, window washing etc. we will be there to oversee the work.


We look forward to helping you


Disclaimer: Déménager is not affiliated with any moving companies, auction houses, buyers of used furniture, thrift shops, charities, cleaning services, contractors, painters, handymen, waste disposal companies or similar service providers.