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Choosing Déménager can turn your move into a trouble-free experience. We are not a moving company. We are your personal move manager, expert at orchestrating and executing all aspects of your residential move. Even a standard move can seem like a full-time job – we decided to make it ours. Our goal is to eliminate the stress of moving through exceptional service.

Déménager – Comprehensive Move Management

Déménager provides a hands-on service that caters to busy families and professionals who do not have the time to handle the arrangements themselves as well as to seniors who may find the thought of moving overwhelming. No matter where you are moving, be it around the corner or across the globe, Déménager’s start to finish service can ease the entire process. Déménager takes care of every detail and makes the process of moving worry and stress free from planning and organizing through execution and arrival at your new home.

We can be there when you cannot.

Eight Steps to a Stress-Free Move

In order to allow your move to be as stress free as possible, Déménager has divided the moving process into an easy eight-step system. Each step is designed to ensure that the only surprising thing about your move is how easy it will be.


Step 1 – The Initial Consultation


During this first meeting your Déménager Representative will walk through your current residence with you and discuss timing, destination(s), what is going, what is not going and any other specific requirements your move might need. Your representative will work with you to coordinate a customized service package appropriate to your specific goals and requirements.


Step 2 – The Proprietary “ToDo” list for Clients


Your Déménager representative will give you our proprietary “ToDo” list during the initial consultation. From the easy changes of address and service turn-offs to record gathering and notifying all appropriate agencies and advisors, the “ToDo” list addresses all issues and aspects of a move, including those often overlooked. It is these commonly forgotten or neglected items that cause the most unforeseen and disruptive problems faced during a move. The “ToDo” list is your road map to make sure all necessary items are coordinated, scheduled and confirmed.


Step 3 – Documenting the Contents Being Moved


During this most critical phase, a representative from Déménager will do a 100% photographic inventory of everything that will be moved. This is combined with our unique identifying system for special items such as works of art, lamps and chandeliers, area rugs etc.


Step 4 – Selecting the Right Movers for You


After the initial consultation, your Déménager representative will understand what is being moved and if more than one moving company is required. The appropriate mover(s) will be invited to see the job late in the final day of inventory documentation. The mover(s) will be walked through the entire home. Timing and all special requirements will be discussed. The mover(s) will then prepare a flat rate quote to ensure that there are no surprises at the delivery end of the job.


Step 5 – Coordinating Your Vendors


If you have an electrician, audio, video, IT professional and/or designer, we will coordinate with them to have all preparatory work done for your new home prior to your move. We will also coordinate with your vendors to be present when the movers are present if appropriate.


Step 6 – Packing Up Your Life


Déménager staff will supervise the packing of your current home a room at a time. Our role would include:
bullet2 labeling and numbering every box with our coded labeling system.
bullet2 Inventorying the contents of each box, thereby eliminating an external written inventory on the boxes.

In addition, we will oversee a variety of tasks, such as the:
bullet2 crating of art, plate glass table tops and similarly fragile items;
bullet2 packing of antiques and breakables;
bullet2wrapping/blanketing of fine furniture;
bullet2 shrink wrapping of upholstered furniture; and
bullet2handling of pianos, sculpture, antiques, wine cellars, automobiles and similar items requiring a higher level of attention.

Thanks to this care, our coded labeling and special handling, we are able to ensure the proper placement of boxes in the new residence, an accurate count of boxes packed and delivered, and less than .001% of breakage, damage or loss.


Step 7 – Loading and Leaving


Déménager staff will supervise the move and the loading of the moving van(s)to ensure that all of the contents are removed from your current home and that nothing is handled carelessly.
If your new residence is within a 20 mile radius, we will arrange to have any perishables left in your refrigerator/freezer boxed and driven to your new home.
Once the movers have left, Déménager can arrange to have your home swept and/or vacuumed, any residual trash removed or any other repairs/maintenance done.


Step 8 – You Have Arrived


Depending upon the geographic location of the new residence and the desire of our client, Déménager staff will be preset to oversee the unloading and the placement of boxes and furniture in your new home. We will make sure that all furniture disassembled by the movers is reassembled, that area rugs are in position, that the hanging clothing has been removed from wardrobes and the boxes removed and much more.

We look forward to helping you


Disclaimer: Déménager is not affiliated with any moving companies, auction houses, buyers of used furniture, thrift shops, charities, cleaning services, contractors, painters, handymen, waste disposal companies or similar service providers.