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You have insurance for the contents of your home. You have been told it is for replacement value. Perhaps some select pieces of art, jewelry and furniture are itemized. Perhaps someone came to see your home and its contents when you first moved in. Did they look in every drawer and closet? Does anyone really know what you have?

Some Reasons to Document Your Home’s Contents or Specific Collections?

A few years pass. Premiums have been paid. Something happens – a fire, a flood, a robbery. How do you actually prove that you had what you are reporting to the insurance adjustor?

You would like your children, heirs or advisors to know what was in your home to ensure that your property is fully accounted for if need be. Your collection is numbered and a numeric list exists. There are similar items. Does the numeric list have matching photographs for clarity of identification?

Bringing in Déménager to do a 100% photographic inventory can give you and your family peace of mind as you sort through other matters, both emotional and financial. We will make sure that your personal property is digitally documented. We photograph: all works of art, lamps, chandeliers, area rugs, furniture, mirrors, items on table tops and other bric-a-brac, electronics, contents of closets and drawers, appliances, exterior furniture, jewelry etc.

Photographic inventories can be augmented with written descriptions if so desired. Photographic inventories can augment existing descriptive lists.

Everything is saved in the cloud and clients receive thumb drives which can be stored off-site or given to your insurance agent, family members or any trusted advisor.

Déménager will be your discrete, trusted, inventorying professional. There will be no doubts about what you own. Whether protecting yourself for: an insurance claim; to advise house hold help and/or care givers that you know what is in the home; to make sure that your heirs know what is in the home; and to clarify exactly what is what, a picture is worth a thousand words.

We work for you and only you.

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Disclaimer: Déménager is not affiliated with any moving companies, auction houses, buyers of used furniture, thrift shops, charities, cleaning services, contractors, painters, handymen, waste disposal companies or similar service providers.